kpag 88

Kenya performing Arts Group ( KPAG) is looking for collaboration amongst its own members, Ex- members and affiliates for the “Pals initiative”. Pals: meaning individual(s) or a group of not more than five people (members) to team up / match into exchanges in rural Kenya, national projects and international projects (Sweden / Netherlands) 2016.

Why KPAG members? Simply trained (in Dance, Theatre, Teaching, Making and Entrepreneurship) and of course of our own database, visas, passports, insurance and minimal available funds (Read: No bullshit!)

Please drop your application (closing date for 2016 is 24th January): personal information, current activities (website/blog/facebook page etc.), area of interest and motivation to take part in the Pals Initiative.  Send it to :, inbox facebook and for more updates check

N/b Pals – being a Pal means you will team up with (a) performing arts student(s), artist(s), school or company for exchange programmes. Win-win situations for young, talented, entrepreneurial artists.

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