ARTS in it self is environment, politics is the road and a reason to slow down of any artistic progress and creativity, it brings excitement and fever, simply implies that any given opportunity politics takes centre stage, and to some extend takes advantage of the drowning messages of arts. So it is a balancing act that you have to be very aware about just like training your body in time and space .

The dividing line is big, and there is no way underestimating this line helps, and ‘politics’ seems to size these moments or emotions again and again. But don’t let them distract your activities, the more it looks like you are not being seen, the more you need to stand firm in what you intended to say and do, to an extend let your voice out and stay focused.

Upward mobility is always taking roots, and slowly a given community begins to take notice on the art in the community when the visibility is connected to the human even if it does not make sense to them?

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