picture of choreographer Davy Dawood

Art institutions should be some sort of a ‘kitchen’ where we cook, produce art,where we are part of defining and redefining of the new ‘rules’ of engagement making artists/ arts students to learn/ become aware of their personal qualities. It is therefore cool to have an Artistic environment rather than an Arts organisation/ institution since organisational structures often bring hierarchy or bound to occur.

Example is hierarchy of main stuffs and minor stuffs. So one could say you have to bring utopia back to the ‘kitchen’/ Arts without borders world. Everything that people do together is a kind of cooperation because they share work and they use the work, experience and the bodily existence of one another to bring harmony.

Could Artistic creativity redefine the ‘organic cooperation’ away from this modern ‘forced cooperation’ called institutionalization? (Pic. Davy Dawood)

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